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Technology & Innovation- Key to Success

The concept of innovation indicates a stable renewal of production factors in combination. It is also the spirit of an enterprise to acquire reflections and feedback on their constant manufacturing progress.
Over years, Bonteck adopts an application of innovative technology and fabrication process, continuous optimization of production and business management.

Consequently, overall efficiency is majorly increased in our product quality improvement, speed of new development and new services, which all come together to achieve the market value for our customers; enable them to obtain the substantial benefits in the aspects of technics, price, and quality. 

Our Engineering Management and "R & D Strengths" 

 a.     Auto Parts(OEM)

l   Digital Reverse Engineering Development:
As performing all commissioned projects, Bonteck conducts product design and analysis with 3D digital accurate measuring instruments for product development and manufacture to ensure efficiency and precision.   
l   Product Function Inspection
A design of any product must respect its own individual nature and its practical purposes. Therefore, our engineering professionals insist on special measurement gages designed exclusively for each product, improving detection sensitivity to guarantee product quality.
l   Import of Performance Production and Technical Quality Control:
Bonteck constructs systematic testingtechnology and qualityassurance mechanisms, perform strictincoming inspectionof raw materials, and exercise rigid production controlin order toensure a qualified manufacturing; in addition, marking identificationto each productto certify traceability.
l   Apparatus of Automation:
Bonteck’s R&D center is equipped with 2.5D projector, 3D CMM, hardness tester,
metallographic microscope, and surface roughness tester…etc.
l   Fully Computerized Management System:

From product design to project management, Bonteck implements product design data management, sample delivery confirmation management, and further to business orders, followed by production scheduling and shipments with complete computerization, strengthening efficiency and cost reduction.

 b.     Precision Die-Casting (OEM)

l   Professional Engineering Team:
Bonteck’s engineering team values product characteristics for product planning in the preliminary stages of development. They carry out casting mold design under reasonable casting conditions bound by an analytical combination of theory and simulation.
l   Automation of Casting Production:
Bonteck offers casting production using advanced time control die-casting machines and automatic feeding system central furnaces; Bonteck performs field operations managed by full computerized casting parameters to ensure a stable and reliable casting process.
l   Consistent production flow:
During each step of our production activities we provide consistent production flow service from beginning to end: Mold making, casting, CNC machining, polishing and furnishing, surface coating/painting, screen printing and laser engraving. With highly mobilized production system, Bonteck is able to shorten the lead time without sacrificing the product quality.  
l   Excellent process control capability:
Depending on a mutual support tradition, Bonteck’s production sites in both East China and South China have excellent production strength in quick service (quick supply for urgent demand). To meet customers’ just-in-time requirement and fulfill instant and unplanned demand of cosmetic outer parts and precision processed articles especially on a daily basis, Bonteck relies heavily on its attentively involved team members and excellent process control ability.
l   Sound management system of quality and environment:

Bonteck is a certified member of ISO9001/ TS16949/ ISO14001 and OHSAS18000. Lately Bonteck received quality assurance certificate of ISO14064. As an approved member of verified standard of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, we establish an exemplar of a modern enterprise by devoting ourselves more attentively to social responsibilities and caring for our clients’ commercial reputation.

 c.     Lighting Control Device (ODM)

l   Optical applications: Bonteck possesses technics of wide angled lens of long-distance infrared optical design.
l   Infrared sensor technology: With twenty years of experience in developing infrared sensor products, Bonteck has created multiple sets of and self-designed IC built with fully grown sensor techniques to ensure high sensitivity and false trigger prevention. Bonteck provides fast customized service to attend to individual requests of various product shapes and functions.
l   Lighting control techniques: User-friendly design and material selection of high reliability are what we care. With unique approaches to solving the load from instantaneous maximum starting current, Bonteck is able to ensure we are in the leading position of the industry.
l   LED drive technology:By grasping the trend of driver IC based on decades of experience, we can efficiently complete product development to meet the market needs.
l   Integrated lighting design:Bonteck possesses knowledge of lighting device integration. We can effectively integrate sensors, power supplies; photoelectric switches into lamp appliances. With structural integration techniques, we can design and produce various types of LED lamps for our customers.
l   Automated productionequipment: Bonteck’s lighting division is equipped with auto placement machines, auto plug-in program, auto production assembly lines and computerized testing systems…etc. In addition to a quality guarantee, we can enhance production efficiency and shorten the lead time upon receiving customer orders.    

Mobilized Production Management: Bonteck is committed to an implementation of ‘multiple ability workers' training to improve process capability. With a high degree of mobility management, we can catch up with the market needs of “small amount, high diversity” production mode.