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ODM Service

The definition of ODM, aside from the process of product duplication in mass, is a dream realization process in which we complete the product concept for our customers. Bonteck devotes to product design as a package service: from beginning to end, from abstract to concrete, from zero to completeness.
With trust winning techniques in development, and our mature experience in OEM, linking with our dedication to design, we can free our customers from much cost and work time on product design process. Accordingly, they can dedicate full attention to market development.
Bonteck’s development of ODM products is an achievement by a contribution of enhanced technical level combined with a human centered design. Humanity is our basic product concept, founded on which we are guided to an ultimate goal of accessibility and user friendliness. Bonteck’s current product range includes electronics, sensor switches, light / voice control switches, infrared / wireless remote control switches; lighting control equipment…their designs exhibit a true embodiment of humanity. Link:

Our future vision is to exert our professionalism on product integration to fulfill their overall efficiency in function. By virtue of human mind integration in lighting, detecting devices and remote control sensors, we can upgrade our life level towards automation, energy & green and humanization.