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Bonteck Precision Co., Ltd 

Bonteck Precision Co., Ltd, established in 1987, is a highly capable OEM manufacturer; head office located in Taipei, Taiwan (A.K.A Bonteck Ind. Inc. & East Light Co. Ltd.).


To build a healthier business stronghold, Bonteck expands its service by adding operational offices in eastern and southern China; with a total capital amounted to three hundred sixty millions of dollars; the number of employees reached 3,000 people.


Bonteck provides professional OEM and ODM services. Product categories include brake parts, automotive electrical and electronic products, lighting control devices, housings for computer equipment and hardware, customized metal parts ... etc.


To further increase productivity and enhance global manufacturing competitiveness in general, Bonteck decided to base its lighting and die-casting strength in Guangdong province, China. In December 2000, Bonteck Dongguan was founded in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, with a factory usable space of 200,000 square feet.


 As a protégé of East Light Co Ltd., the lighting equipment division in Taipei from the early stage (1987), Bonteck Dongguan has committed itself to a professional development of lamps with a series of automatic control switches. More than twenty years of manufacturing experience in addition to a sound research and development skill, Bonteck Dongguan has designed for his customers’ dozens of high-performance infrared sensor switches, lighting control switches, infrared remote control switches, LED drive power, LED lamps and other electronic accessories.


Besides lighting equipment division, Bonteck’s die-casting business, too, conforms to the same value of professionalism and perfection to take part in the market of precision industry. Since its inception, Bonteck Dongguan has equipped itself with full implementation of production automation and motorization for casting products, exterior parts as well as precision machining parts. Among its peers, Bonteck is taking the leading position with an overall performance in the three management systems: product quality, environment, occupational safety and health. All Bonteck’s products meet national safety requirements and international accreditations as an assurance about quality.)


In July 2003, Kunshan Bonteck was established to better support the demand for Taipei and Dongguan’s production. This expansion was carried out based on a long-term industrial planning in the South and East area of China with an objective to level-up the production scale, processing system, and supply chains. With a factory size of 32,000 square feet, Bonteck Kunshan acquires an excellent location in the joint of supply chain clusters, with advanced operating efficiency to satisfy the fast and furious market needs. Just as its business forerunners, Bonteck Kunshan conforms to the same service policies: quality, performance, innovation and customer service to help achieve the market success for the customers.